(Arlington, VA) Innovizo, a leading data science consultancy participated in the OmniAir Plugfest by the Bay conference taking place in San Francisco. PlugFest by the Bay brings together hundreds of participants representing Vehicle to Everything (V2X) device manufacturers, testing laboratories, test tool providers, and deploying agencies from nearly a dozen countries. Innovizo was represented by their Managing Partner, Gary Lipsky.

“We are excited to take part in this event focused on the interoperability of connected vehicle products. The data collected and exchanged by these devices can be used in big data analytics and autonomous decision making to support safety and efficiency for transportation networks.” said Gary Lipsky, Managing Partner at Innovizo.

Gary Lipsky’s presentation titled “Analytics for Connected Devices” discussed the trends, approaches, and value provided by applying machine learning and advanced analytics to IoT and connected device data. With the rapid development of intelligent transportation systems, devices, and autonomous vehicles the number of connected devices and volume of data is set to increase exponentially. “Effectively analyzing and managing this data will be crucial to providing value to end users and differentiating connected device products.” remarked Gary Lipsky.

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