Services & Solutions

Technology Services

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing product, or turn ideas into software, Innovizo team has broad technology expertise to bring it to market.  Innovizo’s software engineers, data scientists, and project delivery managers have proven expertise across web, mobile, and enterprise applications.  We utilize lean and agile methodologies to deliver the highest quality work at competitive prices.   Our goal is always customer satisfaction in delivering projects on budget, on time and with professional results.

Big Data/Advanced Analytics

Our main goal is to create value out of complex data, decrease speed to insight, and allow every team at your organization to make better data driven decisions.  We implement big data technologies to give your users the tools.  We identify and implement strategies to capture, store, and analyze data for sustainable growth and profitability.

Dedicated Teams

In addition to providing project based consulting support, we can provide dedicated technical experts to augment your existing staff or help your organization rapidly scale. Whether you need data scientists or software engineers we can put together a high performing team that will work full time on your projects. The offshore team provides immediate value by letting you extend your in-house staff with a team working for you from our development center in Europe. This cost effective solution is preferred by many organizations as it allows them to retain their unique domain knowledge. At Innovizo, we are committed to understanding your needs and providing a variety of benefits from our staff dedicated teams.

Data Science Specializations

Social Media & Text Analytics

Gathering insights in real-time from social media and portals on how your customers perceive the value proposition of your product, campaign or service.

Pricing and Selling Analytics

Providing valuable information about strategic pricing positioning in the market to drive sales. Analyzing historical and real-time pricing data from competitors to better make pricing positioning decisions.

Data Visualization

Develop a visual story narrative based your data. Build custom reports and dashboards with clear visuals and dynamic interactive features.

Data Driven Marketing Analytics

Provide the technology tools and analytics expertise to help better understand your customer’s needs and get the biggest impact from your marketing efforts. Use big data and advanced analytics to improve marketing performance, customize offerings,  and optimize customer acquisition.

HR Analytics

Optimize your HR management and workforce performance in order for your business to have appropriate people and skills, at the right place and time, for the right compensation.

Operations, Risk & Supply Chain Analytics

Providing right tools to capture, store and analyze data streams via a scalable, cloud-based data solutions. Offer a holistic view to monitor in real time operational and supply chain processes.