Company Overview

Innovizo is a big data, advanced analytics, and technology consulting company specializing in business transformation and agile solutions.  We help clients develop and implement strategies to leverage data and technology tools to create business value.  Innovizo data analytics team works with clients to transform data into relevant and actionable insights for decision makers.  Our goal is to be a trusted partner to our clients in  improving their data and technology capabilities. We combine data science, software engineering, and domain expertise to enable our clients to implement innovative, data-driven business solutions.

Data Analytics

We leverage the latest analytics and data science tools to turn data into information to make better business decisions.

Technology Services

We provide agile software development to deliver better user experiences across both web and mobile platforms.

Dedicated Teams

We can provide dedicated technical experts to augment your existing staff or help your organization rapidly scale.

Innovizo Approach


At Innovizo, our approach is to take a holistic view across strategy, technology, and big data.  Our philosophy is to bring immediate value to our clients and help them solve complex technology issues by minimizing any potential risk during project implementation. We like to start our relationships with a series of smaller, digestible pilot projects which serve as a proof of concept and build a business case for long term cooperation. We are committed to supporting the success of our clients as long-term strategic technology and data analytics advisors. Working together, our partnership  creates the formula for competitive advantage.

Partners and Clients


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