Moonshot is a Silicon Valley term used to describe the most disruptive, game-changing innovations–for example, the creation of the World Wide Web, the iPhone, self-driving cars, and human-like robots. Moonshots don’t just create new things, they reset everything that follows, unleash a bevy of downstream inventions – known as “derivative effects” – and cultivate new ecosystems. For instance, the invention of the World Wide Web led to Google, Facebook and Uber, and the iPhone spurred the mobile app ecosystems.

In the book by the same name, John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and Pepsi, argues that today we are in the middle of a new moonshot, and that businesses that hope to survive must understand and take advantage of it. This new moonshot is driven by convergence of four exponentially growing technologies that are transforming organizations and society:

  • Cloud computing
  • Big Data and data science
  • Mobile devices
  • Wireless sensors / Internet of Things

These exponential technologies are fundamentally disrupting many sectors and, coupled with the network effect, are shifting the power from producers-in-control to customers-in-control. This power shift has profound implications for business operations and marketing, and the profitable businesses and “adaptive innovators” of the future will be those that leverage these technologies with multiple domain expertise to deliver a superior customer experience – those that don’t, will miss the future.

Transformative businesses leverage cloud computing and data science for processing and analysis of customer-centric Big Data, from multiple disparate sources including wireless sensors, to better understand and predict customer needs and behaviors at the individual-level, and use these insights to deliver incredible value to the customer anywhere in the world on a mobile device in real-time. At Innovizo, we understand this new moonshot, and help our clients leverage exponentially growing technologies to deliver a lights-out customer experience.

Vadim Bichutskiy is Director of Data Science at Innovizo where he leads a team of engineers and data scientists who advise clients on data analytics projects. Follow him on Twitter @vybstat

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